I'm brett

Just another tech thinkboi with a minimalist personal site. Cofounder of Launch House.

I write

I write a newsletter called Social Studies. It has two parts: monthly roundups of news and discussions from Tech Twitter and analysis using principles from the (social) sciences.

I launch social experiments

The next big thing will look like a troll :)

I invest in and advise startups

I work with early-stage founders on product positioning and GTM. I have also helped two startups execute successful exits to Apple and Samsung.

I make music

I've been writing, producing, and mixing music as Monte Del Monte for over a decade.


I was a PM at Clearbit and Google and launched venture teams at Accenture and Google Corp Dev. I also spent some time traveling and working in refugee camps.


The bird app is probably the best place to get a hold of me, but you can also send me a long-form private tweet at brettgoldstein3 at [google mail] or book a video call below.


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